Penicillin was a medication used around the world wars and granted a great medical breakthrough, in Minechem 2, the same thing.

Penicillin gives a 5:00 Regeneration II boost as well as all negative effects degrading to nothing.

Here are some steps to get your own Penicillin chemical.

The Penicillin chemical reads as so;

C16H18N2O4S (Sulfur)

  • 16 Carbon, 18 Hydrogen, 2 Nitrogen, 4 Oxygen, 1 Sulfur
  • Carbon can be easily obtained through coal or diamonds,
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen can be obtained through a lot of decomposed items, as it is a primary chemical.
  • Nitrogen is easily obtainable by decomposing Feathers from a chicken.
  • Lastly, Sulfur. Sulfur can be obtained the most easily by getting Lapis Lazuli and decomposing it. Grab the Lazurite and decompose that. You will attain Sulfur as well as some other materials.

Now that you've gotten all your materials, use the Synthesizer with given power and create this helpful chemical.